Master of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

1.       Educational Objectives

Students should have solid basic theories and professional knowledge of linguistics and applied linguistics and know the history, current situation and development tendency of this major. Students will learn in a precise way and have the ability to teach, study or work on linguistics and applied linguistics or related subjects. They will master in a foreign language with the strong ability to listen, speak, read and write and will read some professional works and manage some materials in foreign languages by using dictionaries. They will master in using computers and the ways to search for materials. Academic dissertation should have new perspectives and academic value.

This major includes two study orientations: linguistic theory and theory of teaching Chinese as a foreign language.


2.       Program Duration: Full time study of 3 years


3.       Curriculum Provision

Postgraduates should follow the credit system during the period of learning and their total credits should not be less than 40. The curriculums include compulsory courses and optional courses. Postgraduates should choose required courses to meet the standards for degree.

Main Courses: Semantics, Pragmatics, Sociolinguistics, Language Testing Theory, Comparative Linguistics, Chinese Grammar and Teaching, Lexicology, etc.

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