Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL)

1.      Enrollment Target

  Applicants should be fond of Chinese and Chinese culture and be willing to work on international Chinese teaching and friendly communications between China and foreign countries. Applicants should have a bachelor degree and a Chinese language proficiency level degree (New HSK 5, 195 or higher). Applicants should be healthy and have a foreign nationality.


2.      Educational Objectives

  Train the ability to know China and Chinese culture. Have proficient skills in Chinese language and culture teaching. Have the ability of inter-cultural communication.


3.      Program Duration: Full-time study lasts 2 years. One year for course learning and one for internship and graduation thesis.


4.      Educational Mode and Requirements

1)      Adopting the credit system

Students must pass the exams of required courses to get the credits. They could write their dissertations only if they get enough credits. If they pass their defense of dissertation and their teaching practice is eligible, they will graduate with a master degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages.

2)      Combining classroom teaching and practice in teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages

3)      Adopting the tutor-responsible system

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