An Introduction to Summer Short-term Courses (2018)

School of Chinese Studies 

Founded in 1985, School of Chinese Studies (SCS) at Dalian University of Foreign Languages is one of the largest education bases of teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages in Northeast China. It was awarded one of the first demonstration bases in Liaoning province and a national outstanding group of education for overseas students. It serves as a National HSK Testing Center in Dalian, a training and testing center for Certificate of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, and a National Multilingual Base for Promoting Chinese Language. There are nearly 2,000 international students from more than 50 countries every year studying Chinese language and Chinese culture at SCS for long-term or short-term courses, or for Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree or Doctor’s degree.

Short-term Chinese Courses 

    SCS offers short-term Chinese course during the summer for the international students who show great interest in Chinese language and Chinese culture with an aim to help them cultivate their Chinese competence and provide them with the opportunities to experience Chinese culture.



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