Solemn Statement

Solemn Statement


It has been observed that some criminals faked Dalian University of Foreign Languages to issue JW202 and Acceptance Letter for international students applying visa and enrolling school. The forgery involves a wide range of countries and regions. The bad plot has greatly influenced our normally enrollment, administration, and the school’s reputation.

The behavior of holding fake documents to enter China and go through the studying procedure is a seriously illegal action. Our school has reported it to Exit and Entry Administration Department of the Public Security Bureau. The public security department has already made a case investigation.

We here seriously state that all international students we enrolled should meet the requirements of our school, and should be examined and approved by us. We never authorize any domestic or overseas agency or individual to issue the admission documents. International students who want to study in our university can contact directly with our international enrollment department. We always welcome outstanding international students to study in Dalian University of Foreign Languages. At the same time, in order to ensure the normal administration of the international students, we hope that the embassies or consulates can contact us if encounter the similar problems.

     Contact information of our international enrollment department:

    Tel: 86-0411-86115286



Dalian University of Foreign Languages

April 19, 2018

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